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Post Towns in The Stewartry of Kirkcudbright

Places to stay in The Stewartry of Kirkcudbright

2 Old Posting Stables

27-29 St. Marys Place, Kirkcudbright

3 Old Posting Stables

Airds Bay Luxury Beach House

Airds Farm Guest House

Alpine Lodge 1, Kippford, Dalbeattie

Balcary Bay Country House Hotel

Barcloy Honey House

Barcloy Milk House

Barrhill Woods B&B


Beautiful new 2 bed lodge in Kippford Dalbeattie

Bluebell Lodge - UK10955

Bracken Holiday Cottage, Dalbeattie

Bridgend Cottage East

Callander's High Street

Cally Palace Hotel & Golf Course

Camp Douglas Cottage

Camphill, Kirkcudbright

Carminnows Holiday Cottage

Cleughbrae Cottage

Clonyard House Hotel

Cosy Kipp, luxury static caravan in Kippford

Cosy wooden lodge in Kippford Dalbeattie

Cosy woodland off grid Shepherds Hut - Hazel

Cosy woodland off Grid Shepherds Hut - Rowan

Craigbittern House

Edge Hill, Castle Douglas

Ernespie House Hotel

Garden Cottage, Castle Douglas

Gardener'S Cottage

Gatehouse Lodge One

Gatehouse Lodge Two

Gullieside Cottage

Hameish Holiday Cottage

In House Garden Flat

Laurel Lodge - UK10954

Lavender Cottage Two bedroom Property

Little Beach - UK5997

Little Oak - UK5996

Little Willow - UK5998

Lochenkit Farmhouse

Magical Drumwhill - Idyllic Rural Nature Retreat

Nathaniel's Cottage

Old Sawmill Cottage

Orroland Holiday Cottages

Port Donnel Cottage

Providence Cottage

Rhone Park Steading

Ringanwhey Cottage

Rose Cottage Three bedroom House

Roughhills Cottage

Scottish Cottage,Dumfries

Selkirk Arms Hotel

Stockman's Cottage


Sweetheart Cottage

The Barn, Castle Douglas

The Birchtree Hotel

The Croft - UK7147

The Cross Keys Hotel

The Dairy - UK7146

The Dairy Bothy, Castle Douglas

The Imperial Hotel

The Inn on the Loch

The Ken Bridge Hotel

The Kirkcudbright Bay Hotel

The Lady Maxwell Room at Buittle Castle

The Market Inn Hotel

The Middle Byre, Castle Douglas

The Nook at Balcary

The Old Blacksmiths

The Old Brewery Store

The Old Constabulary

The Old Station House

The Old Sunday School

The Stable, Castle Douglas

The Steading at Nabny

The Townhouse, Kirkcudbright

Valley View, Castle Douglas

Woodlyn Guest House